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Canon printers Pixma G-Series

Printer-hero.com- already see you all about canon printers that issued its newest type i.e. Canon G-Series. Printer canon G-Series of this type is the latest printer at launch by canon in November 2015. The advantage of G-Series printer is an additional form of official ink tube is already connected with a printer or machine that is often called a drip system or CISS (Contiuous Ink Suply System). At this time we are going to discuss is one of printer Canon Pixma G-Series, Canon printers Pixma G2000.

Spesifikasi Canon Pixma G2000 dan harga terbaru

Printer Canon Pixma printer this is G2000 G-Series which has a AIO (all-in-One) or often called multifunction printer, printer-hero deals with Canon printers Pixma G1000 whose price is cheaper than canon printers pixma G2000. but the specs and completeness of facilities printer canon G2000 is more complete with the Scan, Copy.


With the latest technology, owned printer G-Series that is the ink charging system automatically from the tube towards the printing machine will increasingly make it easy for users of canon printers in the print, recharge the ink becomes increasingly easy and efficient with bottle caps refill inks are suitable for filling ink easily into the tube in the printer.

Printer Canon Pixma G2000 also features a fast print speed equal to the speed of the print owned Printer Canon Pixma G1000 namely black print speed 8.8 ipm, and 5 colours HDI. In addition to its high print speed of this printer using hybrid ink technology which makes the more high-quality prints.